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About Us

The authors of the How to Use Hypnosis to Help Yourself and Others 

Mark Tyrrell

Mark Tyrrell HGDip, DipHypNLP(BHR) has been working as a hypnotherapist trainer for 13 years. He has worked with rock stars, the London Metropolitan Police, racing drivers, business people and individuals looking for help to improve their lives. He has also given lectures to thousands of health professionals on self esteem, detraumatisation and workplace bullying. He is co-author of Giant Within and has authored and co-authored over 100 hours of self help products. In addition, he has helped develop a groundbreaking depression information website and treats clients with a range of problems - from clinical depression, panic attacks and PTSD to public speaking and sports performance.

Roger Elliott

Roger Elliott DHypPsych(UK), BEng(Hons) has been working as a hypnotherapist and trainer for 10 years. In this time he has developed many ground-breaking methods of educating people about their own psychology, including the Uncommon Knowledge Diploma Course, the Depression Learning Path, the 6-Part Self Confidence Course, the Panic Attacks Course, plus a range of DVDs, CDs and tapes. Simplifying psychology is his great passion and he has gained a reputation as a creator of innovative and highly effective training materials

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